Choose seamless travel​

Your ID management solution that simplifies your travel.

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Made for travelers like you!

  • Safely store your ID and share it with the companies you trust.​
  • Prove your identity, show your boarding pass, fast-track across airports and more. ​
  • Keep your hands free thanks to Traveler ID.​

What you can do with Traveler ID​

Fast-track across airports

  • Save time and enjoy touchless fast-track thanks ​to biometric technology.​
  • Live a full digital experience across airports.​

Autocomplete travel info

  • Forget about filling-out your travel info again and ​again when traveling abroad.​
  • Get Traveler ID and share your verified information​ when you need it.​

Save time and jump the line

  • At hotels or when you rent a car, get faster check-in and check-out thanks to facial biometrics and your smartphone.​
  • Save time and enjoy a 100% touchless experience. ​

Enroll once, use it every time

  • This data is safely stored and only you has access ​to it. ​
  • Share only the information required with the companies you trust.​

Take control of your data​

Traveler ID offers you the option to share the required information with the travel company that needs your information. So you choose who has access to your data and you can change your preferences at any time! ​

​Benefit from a platform provided to you by the world’s largest travel industry IT provider.​


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